It's summer, which means it's county fair season in much of the USA.

That makes it the perfect time to announce our brand spankin' new County Leaderboards! Now your school can see how it stacks up against others in — you guessed it — your county, meaning that the Vocabulary Bowl is more local than ever before.

Curious about who's on top of the Bowl ranks in your neck of the woods right now? It's super easy to find out. Just head to any leaderboard page, then under Division & Leagues on the right, click on the arrow to expand the All State & Provinces menu and select your state. Then expand the All Counties menu, and select yours.

Sure, you can still check out the state and national leaderboards to see how you're stacking up against the competition on a much larger scale. But with county leaderboards, you'll actually know the names of all those schools up there. Heck, you may have even tussled with them on the football field or slugged it out at the robotics competition.

Wouldn't it be fun to jostle for word domination in the Vocabulary Bowl with nearby schools where there's a little friendly rivalry to stoke your students' desire to be the best? After all, when students get hungry to win, they spend more time playing, and when they spend more time playing, they spend more time learning.

Put your school on the map! Join the competition to see if your school can master the most words and come out on top of your County Leaderboard.