"The Voyage of the Frog" by Gary Paulsen, Chapters 1–5

On a voyage to fulfill his dead uncle's last wish, David finds himself alone on a twenty-two foot boat, overwhelmed by a brutal storm that threatens his survival.

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  1. sheen
    the visual property of something that shines
    Her mast and boom were made of wood, kept in good shape and varnished to a high sheen.
  2. pulpit
    a platform raised to give prominence to the person on it
    She was twenty-two feet long, with a two-foot wooden bowsprit sticking from her nose, a stainless steel pulpit above it.
  3. opaque
    not transmitting or reflecting light or radiant energy
    She was old, designed by a man named Schock and made in the mid-sixties, so old her fiberglass hull had lost its shine and had a faintly sanded, opaque look to it, although the original color—a robin’s-egg blue—still shone in the California sun.
  4. comprise
    be made of
    He looked out across the small marina that comprised most of the Ventura harbor.
  5. lame
    pathetically lacking in force or effectiveness
    “No. I can’t take her. Not like this, not this way. You love that boat, you live for it....” David trailed off, paused, finished lamely.
  6. notary
    someone empowered to certify a document's validity
    You know how hard it is to find a notary public in a hospital?
  7. cremate
    reduce to ashes
    “I am going to be cremated. I want you to take my ashes out alone on the Frog, out to sea alone, and leave me there. Take me to where you can’t see land and scatter my ashes there on the water. . . .”
  8. hatch
    a movable barrier covering an entrance
    He unhooked the hasp holding the sliding cabin top hatch in place and slid it forward.
  9. musty
    covered with or smelling of mold
    The cabin hadn’t been opened since the last time Owen had come to the marina, over a month ago, and it smelled of mustiness and mildew and fungus and something else as well, something David could not pin down at first.
  10. heave
    an upward movement, especially a rhythmic rising and falling
    He sat then, on the edge of the cockpit, holding the box, and cried and cried, letting it roll out of him in uncontrollable heaves, his hands clasped between his knees and the sound of the waves and gulls and sea around him.
  11. abalone
    a large edible marine gastropod with an ear-shaped shell
    Then they had put masks on and gone over the side and Owen had shown him two abalone stuck to a rock and he’d popped them loose with a screwdriver and brought them up and cleaned them and fried them in butter—real butter—and David had never tasted anything so wonderful.
  12. sneer
    smile contemptuously
    Owen hated the motor— sneered and called it “a cast-iron mainsail”—and David had never seen him use it.
  13. stanchion
    any vertical post or rod used as a support
    Stretching from the front pulpit to a back stanchion and all around the Frog were stainless-steel lifelines rigged in stout stainless-steel posts.
  14. clamber
    climb awkwardly, as if by scrambling
    He clambered up onto the bow and clipped the snaps of the jib sail to the forestay—the cable that runs from the tip of the bowsprit up to the top of the mast—and hooked the top, or head, of the sail to the jib halyard and pulled it up.
  15. nudge
    a slight push or shake
    She was moving very slowly, the wind pushing her a bit and adding to the movement David had started by giving her a nudge, and when he held the tiller over, it swung her stern around so she lay side-to the wind in the large open area to the rear of the slip.
  16. maneuver
    a deliberate coordinated movement requiring dexterity
    It was a graceful, clean, neat, silent maneuver.
  17. placid
    calm and free from disturbance
    In the marina the water was like a lake, sheltered and placid
  18. reverence
    a feeling of profound respect for someone or something
    It was a silence of thought, almost of reverence, a kind of worship, and David now did the same, felt the same.
  19. vaguely
    in an unclear way
    He hadn’t checked the weather and felt vaguely unsettled about that because the Frog didn’t have any radio gear except a cheap little transistor battery-powered receiver that hardly ever worked right.
  20. heed
    pay close attention to
    Sailing through the night David thought of Owen wanting to know things, all things, and a part of his brain kept pushing tiny warnings at him but he didn’t heed them—quick little thoughts about the distance he had come, or was going to go—short thoughts about mistakes he had made, or was making.
  21. provisions
    a stock or supply of foods
    He thought that he hadn’t checked provisions of water, but he dismissed the notions because he wouldn’t be out long.
  22. eerie
    suggestive of the supernatural; mysterious
    In his wake, in the silent bubbles left by the Frog moving through the water, there was a rippled, dotted line of eerie light glowing up from the water.
  23. squall
    sudden violent winds, often accompanied by precipitation
    A quick wind squall could dump you in sight of the harbor and the waves could hold your head down and that would be it—all in sight of the yacht club restaurant.
  24. sober
    cause to become more serious
    But to head into the open sea, into the wide reaches of the Pacific—away from and out of sight of land—was completely different and it sobered him now as he settled back into the business of sailing the Frog.
  25. wallow
    roll around
    Without the push of the wind holding her over, the Frog almost wallowed in the water.
  26. afterthought
    an addition that was not included in the original plan
    He turned away without looking, then as an afterthought threw the box as far as he could and did not watch where it landed with a splash.
  27. resonance
    the characteristic of having a loud deep sound
    The sound was louder now—a hissing moan that had an almost evil resonance to it—but he didn’t waste time studying it.
  28. pitch
    move abruptly
    The Frog was being driven and slammed by the waves, heeling almost on her side, pitching forward and back to a nearly vertical position and each time she was thrown by the storm, by the wind and waves, she took water in.
  29. enormity
    vastness of size or extent
    The noise, the slamming enormity of the noise was deafening. Waves thundered and cracked when they hit the Frog.
  30. fleeting
    lasting for a markedly brief time
    He had a tiny thought that the Frog couldn’t take any more of the crashing, a fleeting worry, and he was gone, spiraling down into the noise and pitching madness.
  31. agony
    intense feelings of suffering; acute mental or physical pain
    A flash of intense, jolting agony took him—overwhelming dizziness—and he passed out once more, but only for seconds, and when he came to again he opened his eyes.
  32. shambles
    a condition of great disorder
    The interior of the cabin was a shambles. The only cushion still in place was the one he was lying on—all the rest were tossed every which way.
  33. logical
    marked by an orderly and coherent relation of parts
    Everything that had been stored under the bunks had been thrown clear, which didn’t make any logical sense to him.
  34. strew
    spread by scattering
    The contents of drawers were strewn everywhere about the boat.
  35. wince
    draw back, as with fear or pain
    First a tiny movement as he pulled his head down and out of the corner, wincing with pain, then his right arm—it seemed to be the only part of him not hurt—grabbing the table to help pull him upright.

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