Other forms: sneered; sneering; sneers

If your smile is contorted with contempt or your upper lip curled with distaste and disdain, you're probably sneering. And you should stop, because it isn't nice.

Many things can elicit a sneer: a terrible red carpet outfit, a disgusting plate of food, a stupid joke told for the third time. But sneers aren't just meant to show disgust. They're mean-spirited, mocking and often downright snooty. So now that you know the definition of sneer inside and out, resist the temptation to sneer at those who don't!

Definitions of sneer
  1. noun
    a facial expression of contempt or scorn; the upper lip curls
    synonyms: leer
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    type of:
    contempt, scorn
    open disrespect for a person or thing
  2. noun
    a contemptuous or scornful remark
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    type of:
    contempt, scorn
    open disrespect for a person or thing
  3. verb
    express through a scornful smile
    “she sneered her contempt”
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    type of:
    evince, express, show
    give expression to
  4. verb
    smile contemptuously
    “she sneered at her little sister's efforts to play the song on the piano”
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    type of:
    change one's facial expression by spreading the lips, often to signal pleasure
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