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  1. archipelago
    a group of many islands in a large body of water
    These include metro stations, parking garages and an archipelago of cellars, tucked away in the capital’s courtyards and back streets.Washington Post (Dec 16, 2021)
  2. sultan
    the ruler of a Muslim country
    Oman’s state television showed the sultan chairing a meeting on youth employment.Reuters (May 25, 2021)
  3. enclose
    surround completely
    “It’s a space. It’s enclosed. It has what it needs: running water to hose down the surface, bowls for dogs to drink, a couple of balls.”New York Times (Nov 17, 2021)
  4. extract
    remove, usually with some force or effort
    “They just want to extract every ounce of profit they possibly can,” Mr. Moriarty said.Washington Times (Dec 30, 2021)
  5. vital
    performing an essential function in the living body
    But not every reconsideration felt as vital as the next.New York Times (Dec 15, 2021)
  6. bark
    tough protective covering of trees
    West, summer temperatures are already high enough to cook young trees before they can develop thick protective bark.Salon (Dec 1, 2021)
  7. quill
    the hollow spine of a feather
    She seems, most of the time, to be writing with a quill under a prism-fringed chandelier.New York Times (Nov 15, 2021)
  8. homeopathic
    of or relating to the practice of homeopathy
    They’ve also been using homeopathic medicines or natural remedies to treat the lambs to help them grow stronger.Washington Times (Mar 1, 2020)
Created on December 30, 2021 (updated December 30, 2021)

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