Grade 7: Unit 6: Vocabulary from Readings 2

This list covers Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, "Brer Possum’s Dilemma," "Waters of Gold," and "Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind."
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Full list of words from this list:

  1. dais
    a platform raised above the surrounding level
  2. lanky
    tall and thin and having long slender limbs
  3. daunting
    discouraging through fear
  4. unperturbed
    free from emotional agitation or nervous tension
  5. demeaning
    causing someone to lose status or the respect of others
  6. cumbersome
    difficult to handle or use because of size or weight
  7. revere
    regard with feelings of respect
  8. integrity
    moral soundness
  9. sever
    cut off from a whole
  10. commence
    begin or get started
  11. smug
    marked by excessive complacency or self-satisfaction
  12. humor
    put into a good mood
  13. prime
    of superior grade
  14. jostle
    come into rough contact with while moving
  15. perilous
    fraught with danger
  16. oblige
    force somebody to do something
  17. varmint
    any usually predatory wild animal considered undesirable
  18. forage
    collect or look around for, as food
  19. gigantic
    exceedingly large or extensive
Created on May 13, 2021 (updated May 17, 2021)

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