Unit 1: Novel Study: Monster, Friday, July 10th–December, 5 Months Later

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  1. premises
    land and the buildings on it
  2. presumably
    by reasonable assumption
  3. perimeter
    a line enclosing a plane area
  4. trauma
    physical damage to the body caused by violence or accident
  5. bustle
    move or cause to move energetically or busily
  6. mosaic
    a pattern resembling small pieces of colored stone or glass
  7. stenographer
    someone skilled in the transcription of speech
  8. diminutive
    very small
  9. sidebar
    a courtroom conference held away from the jury
  10. manslaughter
    homicide without malice aforethought
  11. plea
    a defendant's answer by a factual matter
  12. concentric
    having a common center
  13. condescending
    characteristic of those who treat others with arrogance
  14. precisely
    in a sharply exact manner
  15. assent
    agreement with a statement or proposal to do something
  16. coincidence
    the property of two things happening at the same time
  17. solicit
    request urgently or persistently
  18. footage
    film that has been recorded
  19. implicate
    bring into intimate and incriminating connection
  20. loot
    goods or money obtained illegally
  21. pursue
    follow in an effort to capture
  22. consign
    give over to another for care or safekeeping
  23. indulgence
    the act of gratifying a desire
  24. contention
    a point asserted as part of an argument
  25. bravado
    a swaggering show of courage
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