“Said” Is Dead: Instead of "Said": Words For Sad Speech

Misery loves company, and there are oodles of options on this list of tragic terms that are perfectly suited for sob stories. Have a bawl exploring these whiny, weepy words.
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  1. bawl
    cry loudly
    “This is some punishment sent us,” I hear them bawling from the hill.Grendel
  2. blubber
    cry or whine with snuffling
    “It’s official, old buddy, I’m a has-been,” he blubbers to his best friend, Cliff Booth, his longtime stunt double played by Pitt.Seattle Times (Jul 24, 2019)
  3. grieve
    cause to feel sorrow
    “That’s terrible,” Milo grieved, and his large brown eyes filled with tears.Catch-22
  4. groan
    indicate pain, discomfort, or displeasure
    "I've got three years of high school to catch up on, myself," I groan.What the Night Sings
  5. howl
    emit long loud cries
    I dropped the mike to the flatbed, raised both arms to the heavens, and howled, “Cap! You were too young to die!”Schooled
  6. lament
    express grief verbally
    “It’s always a terrible thing when a scythe leaves us,” the High Blade lamented, “especially one as well-respected as Scythe Faraday.”Scythe
  7. mourn
    feel sadness
    “I don’t think Santa Claus made it over here yet,” mourned Rafik.Habibi
  8. murmur
    make complaining remarks or noises under one's breath
    “Not really,” I murmured in a gravelly voice, turning away from him.The Night Diary
  9. mutter
    make complaining remarks or noises under one's breath
    “That really irritates me,” Liyana muttered, “that he does one little thing and you act so grateful. I do things every day!”Habibi
  10. shriek
    utter a shrill cry
    When Simons saw it, he shrieked, “Oh! It’s poor, poor, poor!”The New Yorker (Sep 2, 2019)
  11. snivel
    talk in a tearful manner
    “A lot of good that does me,” the C.I.D. man sniveled.Catch-22
  12. sob
    weep convulsively
    “Comeoncomeoncomeon,” I’m shouting and sobbing and my lungs hurt and my throat hurts.Sparrow
  13. wail
    emit long loud cries
    Vonetta would wail, “Why does she”—meaning me—“get to sit up front all the time?”P.S. Be Eleven
  14. weep
    shed tears because of sadness, rage, or pain
    “It is true—it is true,” wept the wretched woman.Murder on the Orient Express
  15. whimper
    cry weakly or softly
    “I didn’t mean for this to happen,” he whimpered.Fablehaven
  16. whine
    complain whiningly
    “We just got one two weeks ago, Dad,” Ben whined.The Great Santini
  17. yelp
    bark in a high-pitched tone
    “That is...that is this Thursday,” my mom yelps.Love, Hate & Other Filters
Created on October 17, 2019 (updated November 14, 2019)

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