To grieve is to feel sorrow over something, especially people who have died.

The most common use of grieve has to do with death: usually there are grieving family members and grieving friends, feeling sadness over the loss of a loved one. You can also grieve over a pet who died, a job you didn't get, or a favorite pair of shoes that were ruined. Usually there's some kind of loss involved, but as long as you feel extremely sad about something that's happened, you're grieving.

Definitions of grieve
  1. verb
    feel grief
    synonyms: sorrow
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    feel sadness
    compassionate, condole with, feel for, pity, sympathize with
    share the suffering of
    commiserate, sympathise, sympathize
    feel or express sympathy or compassion
    feel concern or interest
    type of:
    experience (emotional) pain
  2. verb
    cause to feel sorrow
    “his behavior grieves his mother”
    synonyms: aggrieve, harrow
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    type of:
    cause great unhappiness for; distress
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