Chapters 7–13

Eleven-year-old Imogene loves working with her family at the Renaissance Faire, especially now that she is finally old enough to train as a squire. At the same time, she must face an unexpectedly difficult quest: surviving middle school.
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  1. tranquility
    an untroubled state that is free from disturbances
    Even on the most dangerous of quests, there can be moments of peace and tranquility.
  2. fond
    having or displaying warmth or affection
    The sun shines fondly on your shoulders and your pack is lighter to bear...
  3. beacon
    a tower with a light that warns passing ships
    They were like a beacon of light. Too obvious, if you see what I mean.
  4. codex
    a written manuscript, typically from ancient times
    Today we're going to learn the symbols for the planets, as first described in medieval Byzantine codices.
  5. tribulation
    an annoying or frustrating or catastrophic event
    Every knight in shining armor must face trials and tribulations in her quest toward enlightenment.
  6. enlightenment
    education that results in the spread of knowledge
    Every knight in shining armor must face trials and tribulations in her quest toward enlightenment.
  7. dulcet
    pleasing to the ear
    Ah! That must be the dulcet tones of my gentle daughter returning home.
  8. smirk
    a smile expressing smugness or scorn instead of pleasure
    No one said anything to me at school. Only Anita looked at me, and I could read that smirk as clear as a book.
  9. forge
    create by hammering
    I had to keep forging the signature—I couldn't change it NOW.
  10. reprimand
    rebuke formally
    Are the kids who have been bullying her going to get reprimanded?
  11. chaotic
    completely unordered and unpredictable and confusing
    Things were pretty chaotic after that.
  12. distraught
    deeply agitated especially from emotion
    Go to your brother's room, and see how distraught he is!
  13. assess
    estimate the nature, quality, ability or significance of
    Sometimes a knight in shining armor has to re-assess their life goals.
  14. barren
    providing no shelter or sustenance
    Hermits lived a barren existence, so I'd better get used to staring at walls.
  15. indifferent
    being neither good nor bad
    Good, bad, indifferent—my goal was to ignore it all and become invisible.
  16. formal
    adhering to traditional standards of correctness
    Mom: oddly formal
  17. hostility
    a state of deep-seated ill-will
    Felix: outright hostility
  18. nary
    colloquial for 'not a' or 'not one' or 'never a'
    The princess volunteers to get eaten by a dragon! She walks bravely into the very mouth of danger with nary a thought for herself.
  19. amethyst
    a transparent purple variety of quartz; used as a gemstone
    I know you have a crystal for luck. This one's an amethyst to bring you joy.
  20. thicket
    a dense growth of bushes
    Sometimes in the midst of a dark thicket, a knight-in-training may try—just TRY—being a princess for a spell.
  21. disgrace
    a state of dishonor
    Besides, I think I had worked through all the stages of my social disgrace.
  22. reinstate
    bring back into original existence, function, or position
    So—we're reinstating your squire duties.
  23. revolutionary
    markedly new or introducing radical change
    That's why I wear this symbol, to remind myself of the revolutionary concept of the heliocentric model.
  24. heliocentric
    having the sun as or in the middle
    That's why I wear this symbol, to remind myself of the revolutionary concept of the heliocentric model.
  25. vex
    disturb, especially by minor irritations
    Thou villainous earth- vexing pigeon egg!
  26. nobility
    elevation of mind and exaltation of character
    Dost thou not know that Lady Anita is both a personage of great nobility, and a formidable swordswoman?
  27. cede
    give over
    Lady Imogene, I have bested you. Do you cede this fight?
  28. grave
    causing fear or anxiety by threatening great harm
    Good sir, I committed a grave and terrible mistake when I lost your faithful companion, Tiffany.
  29. trinket
    a small cheap ornament, knickknack, or piece of jewelry
    You hath not so much brain as ear wax. Only the dullest of imbeciles buy those trinkets.
  30. bittersweet
    tinged with sadness
    The last day of faire is always bittersweet,
Created on July 26, 2019 (updated July 26, 2019)

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