Chapter 28–Epilogue

In this companion novel to When Dimple Met Rishi, Ashish Patel allows his parents to set him up on a series of dates with Sweetie Nair, an athlete who wants to prove to her traditional mother that she can be happy at any size.
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  1. enrapture
    hold spellbound
    Got these in advance because I knew you’d enrapture everyone...just like you did me.
  2. gullible
    naive and easily deceived or tricked
    He thought you were gullible enough to fall for his lies, and then he decided he wanted to hook back up with his ex while telling you that she’d broken his heart so badly he couldn’t emotionally connect with you.
  3. tremulous
    quivering as from weakness or fear
    The tremulous pain in her voice crashed Ashish back to reality.
  4. hack
    be able to manage or manage successfully
    I know they’ll just think I’m this giant failure if I move back home because I can’t hack it away from them.
  5. connotation
    an idea that is implied or suggested
    He put an arm around her shoulder. It felt easy now, like something he’d do with Pinky, with no other connotations surrounding it.
  6. artful
    marked by skill or cunning in achieving a desired end
    Ashish was walking toward the parking lot with a girl who had to be Celia, with her gorgeous red halter and short shorts, her perfect cowboy boots and artfully arranged bun.
  7. tryst
    a secret rendezvous, especially a romantic one
    Was Ashish just a big cheater? Were he and Celia just feeding her an old, tired story she’d be a total fool to believe? But why? What would be the point? Well, maybe they needed Sweetie to believe so they could continue their tryst in all the secretive excitement.
  8. intractable
    difficult to manage or mold
    This might just be the first crack in Amma’s intractable armor.
  9. irrevocably
    in a manner that cannot be taken back
    How had he gone from neatly tying things up, from finally arriving at the conclusion that he was irrevocably in love with Sweetie to having her call him a fart goblin jerkwad, whatever that was, threatening him with her Mafia girl gang and then storming off into the night?
  10. dissipate
    move away from each other
    I already knew I didn’t have feelings for her, but she still had this...this hold on me, you know? Like the ghost of our relationship was always there when I was with you, and I thought once I just met up with her and got everything out in the open, that ghost would finally dissipate.
  11. tentatively
    in a hesitant manner
    “I love you too, Ashish.” She leaned in to kiss his lips, first tentatively, then with more hunger.
  12. niggle
    worry unnecessarily or excessively
    But there was still one niggling thing left. Something she had to tell Ashish, so he knew how things were with her, too. So he could be prepared.
  13. hypocritical
    professing feelings or virtues one does not have
    I know it sounds hypocritical after I’ve dated you behind their backs for the past month.
  14. bigoted
    blindly and obstinately attached to some creed or opinion
    I know what I’ve always believed to be true is true—my ability to find romantic love isn’t tied to my weight. And I’m worth so much more than what bigoted, ignorant people might think.
  15. awry
    away from the correct or expected course
    Ashish had insisted on making a list last night when she’d confessed to him how afraid she really was that things would go completely awry.
  16. assent
    agreement with a statement or proposal to do something
    Pappa grunted, which didn’t exactly sound like assent, but Ashish rolled with it.
  17. gruff
    deep and harsh sounding as if from shouting or emotion
    “Have you ever tried to eat curry that hasn’t been seasoned?” Pappa asked, almost aggressively. “It’s bland. It’s boring. No one likes it.” He cleared his throat. “That’s what our life would be like without you,” he finished gruffly, crossing and then uncrossing his arms.
  18. reverie
    an abstracted state of absorption
    “Beta, but are you sure you don’t want us to come with you?” Ma asked, pulling him out of his mini reverie.
  19. reverential
    feeling or manifesting profound respect or awe
    He was staring at her in absolute wonder. The way you stare at a double rainbow. The way the earth stares at the sun. The way that squirrel outside had stared at the peanut-butter-covered pinecone she’d set out for it last winter. Reverentially, like he couldn’t believe his luck.
  20. pulchritudinous
    having great physical beauty
    “You look—” she began just as he said, “ Pulchritudinous.”
    She paused and then laughed. “What?”
  21. ensconce
    fix firmly
    She left the door open because she didn’t want any of the nosy uncles or aunties telling Amma that her daughter had ensconced herself in a closed room with a boy.
  22. buffer
    a neutral zone between two rival powers
    “So they’re sort of like buffers between me and your parents?”
    “Human shields, more like,” Sweetie murmured.
  23. effervescent
    marked by high spirits or excitement
    Anjali Chechi was always full of a kinetic, effervescent energy.
  24. nape
    the back side of the neck
    Even her curly hair was exuberant—it reached out in all directions from her head like it just couldn’t bear to be contained, even though she’d tried to tame it into a bun at the nape of her neck.
  25. ubiquitous
    being present everywhere at once
    People wished her a happy birthday and asked her about her grades (the ubiquitous Indian question), her plans for college (ditto), and her plans to lose weight (tritto).
  26. hyperventilate
    breathe excessively hard and fast
    Her heart was pounding so hard, her voice actually wobbled with the effort of trying not to hyperventilate.
  27. ecstatic
    feeling great rapture or delight
    It sat proudly on a table, surrounded by ecstatic children. “The chocolate fountain,” Sweetie said softly.
  28. doggedly
    with obstinate determination
    They had no respect for his boundaries. But more than that, they were his family, which meant they were always doggedly there for him.
  29. gallivant
    wander aimlessly in search of pleasure
    “Selfish. This is what you are, Sweetie. So selfish. The decisions you’ve made have been only to benefit you! You didn’t think of your family once! You just wanted to go gallivanting around with this boy”—she thrust her chin at Ashish—“and you didn’t care about anything else.”
  30. clad
    having an outer covering especially of thin metal
    His words, confident and strong, were clad in iron.
  31. traipse
    walk or tramp about
    Ashish’s parents traipsed in, dressed like royalty.
  32. earnest
    devout or heartfelt
    “Hello again, Vidya,” she said earnestly. “Please allow me to apologize for stopping by uninvited..."
  33. discombobulated
    having self-possession upset; thrown into confusion
    Amma looked by turns discombobulated and furious, as if she had no idea whether to welcome the Patels like a good host or to kick them out.
  34. sluice
    pour as if from a conduit that carries a rapid flow of water
    “No,” Sweetie said suddenly, loudly, her voice sluicing through the air.
  35. liable
    subject to legal action
    If something happened to you, the organization would be liable.
  36. incessantly
    without interruption
    There were two girls on the team who bullied Sweetie incessantly.
  37. foist
    force onto another
    “My mom ordered a lot of food, you guys,” Sweetie said, laughing. “Please eat or she’ll be foisting heaping plates on you before long.”
  38. confer
    have a meeting in order to talk something over
    Ashish and his parents were out at their car, conferring about something, while Jason Chettan and Achchan were downstairs talking.
  39. cameo
    engraving or carving in low relief on a stone
    Sweetie gazed at the cameo pendant, nestled in inky-black silk. It was stunning, with a pale-turquoise background and a white figure on top.
  40. intoxicating
    extremely exciting
    Sweetie ran across the finish line, her hands in the air. The crowd cheered, her entire body lit up with that intoxicating soup of endorphins and adrenaline.
Created on June 26, 2019 (updated July 3, 2019)

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