"Ender's Game," Vocabulary from Chapters 7-8

Ender is a young boy who also happens to be a tactical genius. "Ender's Game" by Orson Scott Card is the story of his gradual realization of his real role in the military's plans.

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  1. fleet
    group of aircraft operating under the same ownership
    “The player’s deaths have always been sickening, I’ve always thought the Giant’s Drink was the most perverted part of the whole mind game, but going for the eye like that—this is the one we want to put in command of our fleet?”
  2. grace
    a sense of propriety and consideration for others
    Alai saw the tears but had the grace not to say so.
  3. desiccated
    thoroughly dried out
    What could be torn by the small scavengers was torn; the maggots had done their work on the organs; now it was a desiccated mummy, hollowed-out, teeth in a rigid grin, eyes empty, fingers curled.
  4. malicious
    having the nature of threatening evil
    Ender remembered burrowing through the eye when it had been alive and malicious and intelligent.
  5. apex
    the highest point of something
    He could sit on the see-saw until he rose to the apex; then he fell.
  6. centrifugal
    tending to move away from a center
    When the merry-go-round went fast, he could not hold onto any of the bars, and centrifugal force hurled him off.
  7. raucous
    unpleasantly loud and harsh
    And the other children: their laughter was raucous, offensive.
  8. dispatch
    dispose of rapidly and without delay and efficiently
    The children were easily dispatched, though they began following him in twos and threes at the end.
  9. polyglot
    a person who speaks more than one language
    “No, just a brilliant and talented polyglot.
  10. sullen
    showing a brooding ill humor
    There were other boys near him, tired-looking boys, sullen, the ones least valued.
  11. contemptuous
    expressing extreme scorn
    When she said little boy it sounded friendly, not contemptuous.
  12. initiative
    readiness to embark on bold new ventures
    Also, the individual soldiers were given little initiative.
  13. gall
    irritate or vex
    Galling, and yet he had no choice.
  14. magnanimous
    noble and generous in spirit
    Still, he would only know that Ender had beaten him, and then rubbed his nose in it by being magnanimous.
  15. muster
    gather or bring together
    Ender noted with pleasure that Condor could only muster the minimal five soldiers necessary to open the gate to victory.
  16. stolid
    having or revealing little emotion or sensibility
    He kept his soldiers moving, darting from star to star, wallsliding to get behind and above the stolid Salamanders.
  17. carnage
    the savage and excessive killing of many people
    Though they were still fairly evenly matched with the enemy, they huddled together like the last survivors of a massacre, as if they hoped the enemy would overlook them in the carnage.
  18. hegemony
    the dominance or leadership of one social group over others
    So trust me now, Anderson, and don’t bring the whole damn Hegemony down on my neck.
  19. forestall
    keep from happening or arising; make impossible
    He mocked himself to forestall the mocking comments of anti-semites—almost everyone he defeated in battle became, at least for a time, a Jew-hater—but he also made sure everyone knew what he was.
  20. vigor
    forceful exertion
    Dink trained his toon independently from the rest of Rat Army, with discipline and vigor; he never consulted with Rose, and only rarely did the whole army maneuver together.
  21. contingent
    a temporary military unit
    “The direction I fire my gun is the direction of their main contingent.”
  22. insubordination
    defiance of authority
    There was no more talk about insubordination and whether Ender could use his desk.
  23. ostentatious
    intended to attract notice and impress others
    They ostentatiously took down names.
  24. haphazardly
    in a random manner
    But the enemy was coming haphazardly, uncoordinatedly; they had never worked together before...
  25. wither
    lose freshness, vigor, or vitality
    Only the crest of the Giant’s face was still visible, and it was white bone, like limestone protruding from a discouraged, withering mountain.

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