A stolid person can’t be moved to smile or show much sign of life, in much the same way as something solid, like a giant boulder, is immovable. Both are expressionless.

It's hard to get excited about the word stolid. It refers to emotionless people or things, and it even sounds pretty dull. Your face may be stolid, as you plod through the unemotional history of the word born in the 17th century of little more than Latin words for "foolish." In some definitions, stolid does have more complimentary synonyms, such as "dependable" or "calm," but these can be overshadowed by other words for stolid — "empty," "blank," and "vacant," to name a few.

Definitions of stolid
  1. adjective
    having or revealing little emotion or sensibility; not easily aroused or excited
    “"a silent stolid creature who took it all as a matter of course"-Virginia Woolf”
    “her face showed nothing but stolid indifference”
    synonyms: impassive
    unsusceptible to or destitute of or showing no emotion
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