Make a Run for It: Cur, Curs

Need a crash course in words that derive from the Latin roots cur and curs, meaning "run"? This list will give you a run for your money!

Activities for this list:

definitions & notes only words
  1. concur
    be in agreement
    After five minutes, however, all four of us concurred: Hutchison’s decision to leave Beck and Yasuko where they lay was the proper course of action.Into Thin Air
  2. concurrence
    a state of cooperation
    “For this reason, I seek the concurrence of the National Assembly for external borrowing of not more than $1 billion.”Forbes (Jul 17, 2014)
  3. concurrent
    occurring or operating at the same time
    He noted that there are even concurrent epidemics, with people suffering from more than one contagious disease at one time.Wall Street Journal (Oct 31, 2018)
  4. corridor
    an enclosed passageway
    They tiptoed down a long corridor that curved to the left and then to the right.Chasing Vermeer
  5. courier
    a person who carries a message
    “If droids do not become significantly cheaper,” the analysts wrote, “bike couriers are likely to be the best delivery form for instant delivery in urban areas.”Scientific American (Feb 19, 2019)
  6. course
    move along, of liquids
    I didn’t try to stop the tears that filled my eyes and coursed down my cheeks.Prisoner B-3087
  7. currency
    the metal or paper medium of exchange that is presently used
    In his teens, though, he sat on the sidewalks of Central Monrovia, making a slim margin distributing Liberian currency in exchange for American bills.Washington Post (Mar 12, 2019)
  8. current
    a flow of electricity through a conductor
    By changing the flow of electric current through coils lining the box, the researchers created a magnetic field that sloped steeply downward, like Earth’s own field at the midlatitudes of the Northern Hemisphere.Science Magazine (Mar 18, 2019)
  9. curriculum
    an integrated course of academic studies
    The school plans to weave data science throughout its general curriculum to better prepare scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs to understand how to use it in business decisions.Washington Times (Mar 17, 2019)
  10. curriculum vitae
    a summary of your academic and work history
    His curriculum vitae counts 20 books and 130 articles, plus another 19 volumes that he edited or co-authored.Economist (Apr 29, 2010)
  11. cursive
    handwriting in which letters are connected within words
    The cursive penmanship is graceful and precise — practiced and assured.Los Angeles Times (Oct 13, 2018)
  12. cursory
    hasty and without attention to detail; not thorough
    Lanning did not trouble to answer, nor to do more than bestow a single cursory glance at the top sheet upon Bogert’s desk.I, Robot
  13. discursive
    tending to cover a wide range of subjects
    Among socialists, he attracted negative attention for discursive essays he wrote in florid, wandering prose.Washington Post (Feb 13, 2019)
  14. extracurricular
    outside the regular academic course of studies
    If I’m home and not at school or at extracurricular activities like basketball or track or football or whatever it may be, I usually share the workload for chores.Slate (Feb 20, 2019)
  15. incur
    make oneself subject to
    I calculated finally that my savings would be able to meet all the costs I might incur, and in addition, might stretch to the purchase of a new costume.The Remains of the Day
  16. occur
    come to pass
    Equinoxes occur twice a year, in March and September, to mark the onset of spring and autumn.Fox News (Mar 19, 2019)
  17. occurrence
    an event that happens
    The stranding is one of a few strange occurrences that are raising concerns among scientists during this year’s northbound migration season.Salon (Mar 18, 2019)
  18. precursor
    something indicating the approach of something or someone
    Intensive treatment did, however, significantly reduce participants’ risk of mild cognitive impairment, a frequent precursor to dementia.New York Times (Mar 1, 2019)
  19. precursory
    warning of future misfortune
    Japan’s prediction program is based on the premise that the quake will be preceded by “pre-slip”: precursory fault motion significant enough to cause a swath of coastline to bulge rapidly.Seattle Times (Sep 2, 2014)
  20. recur
    return in thought or speech to something
    At moments when that thought did recur, it seemed that perhaps every team in every sport, when it approaches an humongous event, ought to consider firing its coach or manager.Washington Post (Jun 15, 2018)
  21. recurrent
    happening again and again
    Yet a recurrent theme of her writing—a point she keeps returning to, like something personal—is the defense of reality against transformation.The New Yorker (Feb 28, 2000)
  22. recursive
    characterized by repetition
    ‘Franchise’ deftly captures the weirdly recursive nature of prediction, and the personal stresses of being the focus of algorithmic analysis.The Verge (Jan 29, 2019)

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