Other forms: concurred; concurring; concurs

To concur is to agree or approve of something. If someone says something you agree with, you can say "I concur!"

Like many words with con, concur has to do with agreement and being together. When you concur, you agree with someone about something or let them know you approve. "I concur" is a formal (and sometimes humorous) way of saying "I agree!" or "I hear that!" Also, two events that happen at the same time can be said to concur. People are happy when good things concur, like when a birthday and nice weather happen at the same time.

Definitions of concur
  1. verb
    happen simultaneously
  2. verb
    be in accord; be in agreement
    synonyms: agree, concord, hold
    achieve harmony of opinion, feeling, or purpose
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    differ, disagree, dissent, take issue
    be of different opinions
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    end a legal dispute by arriving at a settlement
    conciliate, make up, patch up, reconcile, settle
    come to terms
    see eye to eye
    be in agreement
    concede, grant, yield
    be willing to concede
    subscribe, support
    adopt as a belief
    conclude, resolve
    reach a conclusion after a discussion or deliberation
    arrange, fix up
    make arrangements for
    determine, settle, square off, square up
    settle conclusively; come to terms
    appease, propitiate
    make peace with
    stop blaming or grant forgiveness
    firm up
    arrange firmly
    make peace
    end hostilities
    arrange by concord or agreement
    dispose of; make a financial settlement
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