"Tuck Everlasting," Vocabulary from Chapters 10-13

They say nothing lasts forever...well, except for the Tuck family. In "Tuck Everlasting,"a fantasy novel by Natalie Babbit, 11 year-old Winnie Foster is faced with many dilemmas, including whether eternal life is a blessing or a curse.

Learn these word lists for the novel: Prologue-Chapter 5, Chapters 6-9, Chapters 10-13, Chapters 14-17, Chapters 18-22, Chapters 23-Epilogue

Activities for this list:

definitions & notes only words
  1. indomitable
    impossible to subdue
    Within it, they were indomitable.
  2. perilous
    fraught with danger
    The kitchen came first, with an open cabinet where dishes were stacked in perilous towers...
  3. ancient
    very old
    An ancient green-plush sofa lolled alone in the center...
  4. vast
    unusually great in size or amount or extent or scope
    Beyond this was the bedroom, where a vast and tipsy brass bed took up most of the space...
  5. cavernous
    being or suggesting a large dark enclosed space
    ...but there was room beside it for the washstand with the lonely mirror, and opposite its foot a cavernous oak wardrobe...
  6. narrow
    not wide
    Up a steep flight of narrow stairs was a dusty loft...
  7. loft
    floor consisting of open space at the top of a house
    Up a steep flight of narrow stairs was a dusty loft...
  8. evidence
    an indication that makes something apparent
    For there was everywhere evidence of their activities, Mae’s and Tuck’s.
  9. dim
    lacking in light; not bright or harsh
    ...every surface dim with the sawdust of countless sandings...
  10. jumble
    a confused multitude of things
    ...the topmost bowl filled with a jumble of big wooden spoons and forks, like dry, bleached bones.
  11. survey
    look over carefully or inspect
    “We make things to sell,” said Mae, surveying the mess approvingly.
  12. mirage
    something illusory and unattainable
    ...streaks of light swam and danced and wavered like a bright mirage...
  13. occasionally
    now and then or here and there
    ... occasionally the thrilling bass note of an unastonished bullfrog at ease somewhere along the muddy banks.
  14. bank
    financial institution that accepts deposits and lends money
    ...the thrilling bass note of an unastonished bullfrog at ease somewhere along the muddy banks.
  15. disarray
    untidiness, especially of clothing and appearance
    It was a whole new idea to her that people could live in such disarray...
  16. revolutionary
    markedly new or introducing radical change
    And this was followed by another thought, far more revolutionary: “Maybe they just don’t care!”
  17. clutter
    fill a space in a disorderly way
    The loft was cluttered, too, with all kinds of odds and ends...
  18. observation
    a remark expressing careful consideration
    But Mae shrugged off this observation.
  19. luxurious
    furnishing gratification to the senses
    And suddenly the meal seemed luxurious.
  20. surge
    a sudden forceful flow
    ...thinking of him, she felt a surge of relief.
  21. relief
    the feeling that comes when something burdensome is removed
    ...thinking of him, she felt a surge of relief.
  22. savior
    a person who rescues you from harm or danger
    In fact, he seemed supremely nice to her now, a kind of savior.
  23. rescue
    free from harm or evil
    Winnie, newly brave with her thoughts of being rescued, climbed boldly into the rowboat.
  24. current
    a steady flow of a fluid
    You can’t hardly see the current, can you?
  25. rage
    feel intense anger
    She raged against it, helpless and insulted, and blurted at last, “I don’t want to die.”
  26. rigid
    fixed and unmoving
    Tuck’s voice was rough now, and Winnie, amazed, sat rigid.
  27. anguish
    extreme distress of body or mind
    Winnie, struggling with the anguish of all these things, could only sit hunched and numb...
  28. stride
    walk with long steps
    He pushed through and strode up the path to the door of the cottage.

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