Horsin' Around

Even if it’s not Derby Day, you can’t say neigh to this list of horse vocabulary. Quit stalling and practice these 20 words!

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  1. bay
    a horse of a moderate reddish-brown color
    The genes also showed a variety of colorings — cream, black, spotted, bay and chestnut.New York Times (Apr 27, 2017)
  2. bridle
    headgear for a horse
    Two of the creatures were fitted with bridles and stirrups of braided cord.The Amber Spyglass
  3. canter
    a smooth three-beat gait
    Most combine several pieces of music to match the three gaits: the walk, the trot and the canter.New York Times (Apr 9, 2018)
  4. equestrian
    of or relating to or featuring horseback riding
    The equestrian group hosts a number of events at the lake throughout the year from casual rides to competitions for almost any age or skill level.Washington Times (Apr 29, 2018)
  5. equine
    resembling a horse
    This worthy farm and sanctuary is home to 19 assorted equines — including three mares and their foals saved from slaughter, two rescued mustangs, plus mini-horses, mini-donkeys, a hinny and a mule.Washington Times (Apr 5, 2018)
  6. farrier
    a person who shoes horses
    Tens of thousands of old horseshoes were provided by farriers in Hampshire - some of them were used whole and others cut into smaller pieces.BBC (Nov 26, 2017)
  7. gait
    an animal's manner of moving
    And however it goes, and whoever moves forward, we’ll be able to tell just by looking at their gait and evaluating their posture.Washington Post (Apr 7, 2018)
  8. gallop
    a fast gait of a horse
    At 14, she got a license to gallop her mom’s horses at Longacres and worked as a groom, learning the skills that would benefit her later as a trainer.Seattle Times (Apr 20, 2018)
  9. hoof
    the hard foot of some mammals
    So silent was it that the fall of their ponies’ hoofs, rustling on dead leaves and occasionally stumbling on hidden roots, seemed to thud in their ears.The Fellowship of the Ring
  10. jockey
    someone employed to ride horses in horse races
    Derby City Gaming will feature an electronic version of gambling that allows people to bet on past races without knowing the names of the trainers, jockeys or horses.Seattle Times (Apr 19, 2018)
  11. mane
    long coarse hair growing from the crest of the animal's neck
    He shut his eyes and clung to the horse’s mane.The Fellowship of the Ring
  12. mare
    an adult female horse
    The mare is still recovering from an injury, but during her time on the racetrack, she earned more than $26,000.Washington Times (Apr 25, 2018)
  13. paddock
    pen where racehorses are saddled and paraded before a race
    However, Hagrid strolled off around the edge of the trees, and five minutes later, they found themselves outside a kind of paddock.Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban
  14. palomino
    a horse of light tan or golden color
    I stepped back, but he swooped me up in his arms and shouted, “My little palomino pony! That’s what you are!”Kira-Kira
  15. spur
    a sharp prod on a rider's heel used to urge a horse onward
    Suddenly the foremost Rider spurred his horse forward.The Fellowship of the Ring
  16. vault
    jump across or leap over, as an obstacle
    No other guard crossed his path, and soon he was vaulting over Capricorn's wall.Inkheart
  17. sorrel
    a horse of a brownish orange to light brown color
    He is the beautiful sorrel that just couldn't win.Los Angeles Times (Sep 22, 2015)
  18. prance
    ride a horse such that it springs and bounds forward
    It hurt just to prance from the paddock to the gate.New York Times (Aug 14, 2013)
  19. pommel
    handgrip formed by the raised front part of a saddle
    I rode with one hand on the pommel and the other goading my horse with a switch.Dreaming in Cuban
  20. filly
    a young female horse under the age of four
    Last year her horse Dartmouth won the Hardwicke Stakes, her first victory at Royal Ascot since 2013, when her filly Estimate won the Gold Cup.New York Times (Jun 20, 2017)

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