"The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" by Mark Twain, Chapters 31-36

Good-hearted but mischievous, Tom Sawyer can't keep himself out of trouble as he grows up in a small town on the Mississippi River. Read the full text here.

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  1. sediment
    matter that has been deposited by some natural process
    Presently they came to a place where a little stream of water, trickling over a ledge and carrying a limestone sediment with it, had, in the slow-dragging ages, formed a laced and ruffled Niagara in gleaming and imperishable stone.
  2. quest
    the act of searching for something
    Becky responded to his call, and they made a smoke-mark for future guidance, and started upon their quest.
  3. multitude
    a large indefinite number
    In one place they found a spacious cavern, from whose ceiling depended a multitude of shining stalactites of the length and circumference of a man's leg; they walked all about it, wondering and admiring, and presently left it by one of the numerous passages that opened into it.
  4. vast
    unusually great in size or amount or extent or scope
    Under the roof vast knots of bats had packed themselves together, thousands in a bunch; the lights disturbed the creatures and they came flocking down by hundreds, squeaking and darting furiously at the candles.
  5. diverge
    extend in a different direction
    But he felt less and less hopeful with each failure, and presently began to turn off into diverging avenues at sheer random, in desperate hope of finding the one that was wanted.
  6. anguish
    extreme distress of body or mind
    Becky clung to his side in an anguish of fear, and tried hard to keep back the tears, but they would come.
  7. pluck
    the trait of showing courage and determination
    Tom begged her to pluck up hope again, and she said she could not.
  8. threadbare
    repeated too often; overfamiliar through overuse
    Becky cried, and Tom tried to think of some way of comforting her, but all his encouragements were grown threadbare with use, and sounded like sarcasms.
  9. moiety
    one of two approximately equal parts
    Tom divided the cake and Becky ate with good appetite, while Tom nibbled at his moiety.
  10. stupor
    marginal consciousness
    All that they knew was, that after what seemed a mighty stretch of time, both awoke out of a dead stupor of sleep and resumed their miseries once more.
  11. apathy
    an absence of emotion or enthusiasm
    She had sunk into a dreary apathy and would not be roused.
  12. avocation
    an auxiliary activity
    The majority of the searchers had given up the quest and gone back to their daily avocations, saying that it was plain the children could never be found.
  13. skiff
    a small boat propelled by oars or by sails or by a motor
    He described how he labored with her and convinced her; and how she almost died for joy when she had groped to where she actually saw the blue speck of daylight; how he pushed his way out at the hole and then helped her out; how they sat there and cried for gladness; how some men came along in a skiff and Tom hailed them and told them their situation and their famished condition;
  14. fortnight
    a period of fourteen consecutive days
    About a fortnight after Tom's rescue from the cave, he started off to visit Huck, who had grown plenty strong enough, now, to hear exciting talk, and Tom had some that would interest him, he thought.
  15. ironically
    in a manner characterized by incongruity or unexpectedness
    The Judge and some friends set Tom to talking, and some one asked him ironically if he wouldn't like to go to the cave again.
  16. contrived
    showing effects of planning or manipulation
    He had also contrived to catch a few bats, and these, also, he had eaten, leaving only their claws.
  17. oblivion
    the state of being disregarded or forgotten
    It is falling now; it will still be falling when all these things shall have sunk down the afternoon of history, and the twilight of tradition, and been swallowed up in the thick night of oblivion.
  18. earnest
    characterized by a firm, humorless belief in one's opinions
    "Tom -- honest injun, now -- is it fun, or earnest?"
  19. recess
    a small concavity
    They found a small recess in the one nearest the base of the rock, with a pallet of blankets spread down in it; also an old suspender, some bacon rind, and the well-gnawed bones of two or three fowls.
  20. tarnish
    make or become dirty or spotty
    "Got it at last!" said Huck, ploughing among the tarnished coins with his hand.
  21. contented
    satisfied or showing satisfaction with things as they are
    Sid chuckled in a very contented and satisfied way.
  22. effusive
    uttered with unrestrained enthusiasm
    He sprung his secret about Huck's share in the adventure in the finest dramatic manner he was master of, but the surprise it occasioned was largely counterfeit and not as clamorous and effusive as it might have been under happier circumstances.
  23. windfall
    a sudden happening that brings good fortune
    THE reader may rest satisfied that Tom's and Huck's windfall made a mighty stir in the poor little village of St. Petersburg.
  24. prodigious
    great in size, force, extent, or degree
    Each lad had an income, now, that was simply prodigious -- a dollar for every week-day in the year and half of the Sundays.
  25. initiation
    a formal entry into an organization or position or office
    We'll get the boys together and have the initiation to-night, maybe."

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