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  1. adamantine
    consisting of or having the hardness of adamant
  2. adoration
    the act of admiring strongly
  3. beguiled
    filled with wonder and delight
  4. clod
    a compact mass
  5. condescend
    behave in a patronizing manner
  6. contrived
    showing effects of planning or manipulation
  7. desolate
    providing no shelter or sustenance
  8. dilapidated
    in a state of decay, ruin, or deterioration
  9. diluted
    reduced in strength or concentration or quality or purity
  10. disconcerted
    having self-possession upset; thrown into confusion
  11. dismal
    causing dejection
  12. drowsing
    half asleep
  13. ecstasy
    a state of elated bliss
  14. edifice
    a structure that has a roof and walls
  15. eminence
    high status importance owing to marked superiority
  16. felicity
    pleasing and appropriate manner or style
  17. furtive
    secret and sly or sordid
  18. grandeur
    the quality of being magnificent or splendid
  19. grating
    unpleasantly harsh or grating in sound
  20. grotesque
    distorted and unnatural in shape or size
  21. hypercritical
    inclined to judge too severely
  22. locust
    migratory grasshoppers of warm regions having short antennae
  23. missile
    a weapon that is forcibly thrown or projected at a target
  24. muse
    reflect deeply on a subject
  25. pathos
    a quality that arouses emotions, especially pity or sorrow
  26. plait
    a hairdo formed by braiding or twisting the hair
  27. ridicule
    language or behavior intended to mock or humiliate
  28. substantial
    real; having a material or factual existence
  29. tarry
    leave slowly and hesitantly
  30. tenpins
    bowling down an alley at a target of ten wooden pins
  31. traverse
    travel across or pass over
  32. wend
    direct one's course or way
  33. yearning
    prolonged unfulfilled desire or need
  34. tempest
    a violent commotion or disturbance
  35. forbearance
    a delay in enforcing rights or claims or privileges
  36. relapse
    deteriorate in health
  37. hubbub
    loud confused noise from many sources
  38. incongruous
    lacking in harmony or compatibility or appropriateness
  39. melancholy
    a constitutional tendency to be gloomy and depressed
  40. discreet
    marked by prudence or modesty and wise self-restraint
  41. solemnity
    a trait of dignified seriousness

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