To Thine Own Self Be True: Auto

Learn these list of words that contain the Greek root auto, meaning "self."

Activities for this list:

definitions & notes only words
  1. autobiography
    a book or account of your own life
    “What I saw shocked and saddened me,” she wrote in her autobiography.Washington Post (Jun 15, 2017)
  2. autochthonous
    originating where it is found
    He also grows about 30 other vegetables or herbs for Mr. Alija, from the autochthonous to the exotic.New York Times (Jun 8, 2016)
  3. autocracy
    a political system governed by a single individual
    For an autocracy becoming a democracy, it’s a question of expanding the number of people to which you’re accountable.Salon (Feb 4, 2017)
  4. autocrat
    a cruel and oppressive dictator
    Those countries are often run by autocrats who use the wealth in the ground to enrich themselves and crush opposition.The New Yorker (Apr 2, 2017)
  5. autocratic
    characteristic of an absolute ruler or absolute rule
    Our reporter in Turkey talks about his extensive travel around the country, and how its autocratic president is seizing power.New York Times (May 18, 2017)
  6. autodidact
    a person who has taught himself
    By age 18, he was a voracious autodidact, searching online for music tutorials to enhance his growing skills.Washington Post (Jun 2, 2016)
  7. autograph
    a person's own signature
    But, he said, it still means a lot when kids recognize him and ask for an autograph or photo.Washington Times (May 13, 2017)
  8. autoimmune
    relating to the response of the body against substances
    Money raised helps fund new research programs to fight the autoimmune disease.Los Angeles Times (Feb 24, 2017)
  9. automatic
    operating with minimal human intervention
    Somebody put a nickel in an automatic phonograph and they listened to the music.Native Son
  10. automation
    the act of implementing the control of equipment
    The case for open trade will be successful only if it also addresses the main drivers of unemployment, such as automation and inadequate training.Time (Jun 15, 2017)
  11. automobile
    a motor vehicle with four wheels
    Every day after work, Noah wheeled the big automobile into the driveway and asked his youngest daughter, “What did you learn today?”Hidden Figures
  12. automotive
    containing within itself the means of propulsion or movement
    The change in rural life due to automotive vehicles can hardly be exaggerated.Sanderson, Dwight
  13. autonomous
    existing as an independent entity
    It hopes to test autonomous cars without a driver this year.Reuters (Jun 15, 2017)
  14. autonomy
    political independence
    The Kurdistan region, with a population of about 5 million, enjoys a high degree of autonomy, including its own parliament and armed forces.Washington Post (Jun 7, 2017)
  15. autopsy
    an examination and dissection of a dead body
    It was photographed and then the surgeon general, Dr. Joseph Barnes, who had tended to Lincoln in the president’s final hours, performed an autopsy.Lincoln's Last Days: The Shocking Assassination that Changed America Forever

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