An autocracy is a government controlled by one person with absolute power. As unlimited power doesn't usually bring out the best in people, autocracies are often brutal regimes.

The word autocracy comes from the Greek roots auto ("self") and kratos ("power"). If your boss dictates your every move and leaves you no say at all in how you do your work, then you're not in a democratic workplace, you're in an autocracy.

Definitions of autocracy
  1. noun
    a political theory favoring unlimited authority by a single individual
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    the political doctrine of Machiavelli: any means (however unscrupulous) can be used by a ruler in order to create and maintain his autocratic government
    type of:
    ideology, political orientation, political theory
    an orientation that characterizes the thinking of a group or nation
  2. noun
    a political system governed by a single individual
    synonyms: autarchy
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    an autocracy governed by a monarch who usually inherits the authority
    Caesarism, Stalinism, absolutism, authoritarianism, despotism, dictatorship, monocracy, one-man rule, shogunate, totalitarianism, tyranny
    a form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator (not restricted by a constitution or laws or opposition etc.)
    parliamentary monarchy
    a monarchy having a parliament
    a monarchy with a king or queen as head of state
    a monarchy with an emperor as head of state
    police state
    a country that maintains repressive control over the people by means of police (especially secret police)
    type of:
    form of government, political system
    the members of a social organization who are in power
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