Evolutionary Biology - Adaptation

If you're interested in evolutionary biology, it will be advantageous to learn these words related to adaptation. Review genetic variation, natural selection, and physical and behavioral adaptations, such as mimicry, camouflage, and migration.

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  1. acquired
    gotten through environmental forces
  2. adaptation
    the process of adjusting or conforming to new conditions
  3. adaptive radiation
    the development of many different forms from an originally homogeneous group of organisms as they fill different ecological niches
  4. advantageous
    giving a benefit
  5. anatomical
    of or relating to the branch of morphology that studies the structure of organisms
  6. anatomy
    the study of the structure of animals
  7. barrier
    anything maintaining separation by obstructing access
  8. behavioral
    of or relating to behavior
  9. camouflage
    exploit the natural surroundings to disguise something
  10. characteristic
    a prominent attribute or aspect of something
  11. climate change
    a change in the world's climate
  12. distribution
    the property of being scattered about over a range or area
  13. diverge
    move or draw apart
  14. drought
    a shortage of rainfall
  15. ecosystem
    organisms interacting with their physical environment
  16. emergence
    the gradual beginning or coming forth
  17. environment
    the area in which something exists or lives
  18. evolution
    sequence of events involved in the development of a species
  19. extinct
    no longer in existence
  20. extinction
    the state of being no longer in existence
  21. gene
    part of DNA controlling physical characteristics and growth
  22. generation
    group of genetically related organisms in a line of descent
  23. genetic
    relating to the study of heredity and variation in organisms
  24. habitat
    the type of environment in which an organism normally lives
  25. heritable
    capable of being inherited
  26. isolation
    the act of setting something apart from others
  27. migration
    the periodic passage of groups of animals
  28. mimicry
    the resemblance of an animal species to another species
  29. mutation
    any event that changes genetic structure
  30. natural selection
    a process in which organisms evolve to adapt to environment
  31. offspring
    any immature animal
  32. organism
    a living thing that can act or function independently
  33. population
    a group of organisms of the same species inhabiting an area
  34. reproduction
    the process of generating offspring
  35. species
    taxonomic group whose members can interbreed
  36. survival
    the state of remaining alive
  37. survival of the fittest
    a natural process resulting in the evolution of organisms best adapted to the environment
  38. temperature
    the degree of hotness or coldness of a body or environment
  39. trait
    a distinguishing feature of your personal nature
  40. variation
    an organism that has characteristics resulting from mutation
Created on February 6, 2017 (updated April 4, 2017)

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