The Outsiders (Chapter 5)

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  1. peroxide
    a viscous liquid with strong oxidizing properties
    I put down the book reluctantly. I wanted to start it right then. " Peroxide? A deck of cards..."
    Page 71
  2. pansy
    a timid man or boy considered childish or unassertive
    I looked like a blasted pansy.
    Page 72
  3. quaver
    give off unsteady sounds
    "Good ol' Two-Bit," he said in a quavering voice.
    page 74
  4. wisecrack
    a witty or sarcastic remark
    "Remember how he was wisecrackin' last night?" I said.
    Page 74
  5. Plantation
    a newly established colony
    Johnny sure did like that book, although he didn't know anything about the Civil War and even less about plantations, and I had to explain a lot of it to him.
    Page 75
  6. gallant
    having or displaying great dignity or nobility
    "I bet they were cool ol' guys," he said, his eyes glowing, after I had read the part about them riding into sure death because they were gallant.
    Page 76
  7. transplant
    transfer from one place or period to another
    It seemed to me that I had always lived in the church, or maybe lived during the Civil War and had somehow got transplanted.
    Page 79
  8. wistfully
    in a pensively sad manner
    "Gee," Johnny said wistfully, "it sure will be good to get into a car again."
    Page 82
  9. wholeheartedly
    without reserve; without reservation
    "Sure can," Dally agreed wholeheartedly, proud of his vocabulary.
    Page 82
  10. fiend
    an evil supernatural being
    I drink them like a fiend, and going for five days without one was about to kill me.
    Page 78
  11. reluctantly
    with a certain degree of unwillingness
    I put down the book reluctantly.
    Page 71
  12. sullenly
    in a manner showing a brooding ill humor
    I leaned back next to him sullenly.
  13. implore
    beg or request earnestly and urgently
    I looked at Johnny imploringly.
    Page 72
  14. elude
    escape, either physically or mentally
    I was trying to find the meaning the poet had in mind, but it eluded me.
    Page 78
  15. tuft
    a bunch or cluster of strands, as of grass, hair, etc.
    My hair looked funny, scattered across the floor in tufts.
    Page 72
Created on February 27, 2012 (updated February 27, 2012)

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