"Monster," Vocabulary from Pages 1-172

"Monster" tackles justice, mystery, and a teenager's personal experience. Learn these words from award-winning author Walter Dean Myers's book.

Here are our lists for this novel: Pages 1-172, Pages 172-281

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  1. dispensary
    clinic where medicine and medical supplies are distributed
    When the gloves came, the guards put them on, handcuffed the guy, and then took him to the dispensary.
  2. prosecutor
    an official conducting criminal cases on behalf of the state
    I'll call it what the lady who is the prosecutor called me.
  3. felony
    a serious crime, such as murder or arson
  4. acknowledge
    express recognition of the presence or existence of
  5. testimony
    a solemn statement made under oath
    I'm ruling the kid's testimony is admissible.
  6. admissible
    deserving to be admitted
    I'm ruling the kid's testimony is admissible.
  7. safeguard
    make safe
  8. impede
    be a hindrance or obstacle to
    Another of the planners of this crime was to stand outside the drugstore and impede anyone chasing the robbers.
  9. conspirator
    a member of a plot to carry out some harmful or illegal act
    Two of the conspirators will testify to their understanding of this fact.
  10. defendant
    someone against whom an action is brought in a court of law
    The 2 defendants you see before you will be shown to be participants in that act and are being charged with felony murder.
  11. grandiose
    impressive because of unnecessary largeness or magnificence
    Miss Petrocelli, representing the State, has presented this case in very broad and grandiose terms.
  12. verdict
    findings of a jury on issues submitted to it for decision
    But in the end you will have the opportunity to judge the State's key witnesses and to deliver a just verdict.
  13. objection
    the act of expressing earnest opposition or protest
    Objection! Defense counsel is stepping over his bounds.
  14. appeal
    a legal proceeding to review of a lower court decision
    The talk is lawyer talk, with all the older guys talking about appeals and "mistakes" that the judge made.
  15. grotesque
    distorted and unnatural in shape or size
    Black-and-white shots from various angles of body in grotesque position.
  16. parole
    a conditional release from imprisonment
    Chances are the judge will push for life without parole.
  17. perpetrator
    someone who commits wrongdoing
    It's my understanding that the crime-scene technicians didn't find any fingerprints they could establish as belonging to a perpetrator.
  18. cacophony
    a loud harsh or strident noise
    As camera zooms in, we pick up a cacophony of sounds.
  19. culprit
    someone or something responsible for harm or wrongdoing
    She sits down, obviously pleased that the culprits have been caught.
  20. traverse
    travel across or pass over
    The bullet entered the body on the left side and traversed upward through the left lung.
  21. wrench
    twist or pull violently or suddenly
    The smile that came to her lips was one she wrenched from someplace deep inside of her.
  22. respective
    considered individually
    They return to their respective tables and the judge nods to the court stenographer, who straightens up, ready to take down the day's proceedings.
  23. diminutive
    very small
    The diminutive 58-year-old retired school librarian is neatly dressed.
  24. testify
    give a solemn statement in a court of law
    You testified in a pretrial hearing that you had some trouble testifying that Mr. King was involved in the event, is that correct?
  25. prejudice
    disadvantage by bias
    With him in prison gear, that prejudices my client.

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