To yammer is to make a loud, howling sound, or to talk on and on about nothing much at all. When cats yammer outside your window all night long, it's hard to fall asleep.

You might complain about the way your neighbors yammer loudly in their yard early in the morning, or about the fact that your brothers yammer and fight all through dinner. Whether a person, an animal, or an inanimate object like a motorcycle yammers, it makes a pretty annoying sound. In the fifteenth century, yammer meant "to lament," from the Old English root geomor, "sorrowful."

Definitions of yammer
  1. verb
    complain whiningly
    synonyms: grizzle, whine, yawp
    snivel, whine
    talk in a tearful manner
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    type of:
    complain, kick, kvetch, plain, quetch, sound off
    express complaints, discontent, displeasure, or unhappiness
  2. verb
    speak (about unimportant matters) rapidly and incessantly
  3. verb
    cry loudly, as of animals
    synonyms: howl, wrawl, yowl
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    type of:
    emit, let loose, let out, utter
    express audibly; utter sounds (not necessarily words)
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