When you gabble, you talk so fast that you can barely be understood. A nervous public speaker might gabble for several minutes before she's able to get her point across.

If you're gossiping about a neighbor and suddenly realize he's standing behind you, you might gabble for a while from the sheer awkwardness of the situation. Your grandmother might declare that she doesn't understand the music you like, saying, "They don't sing — they just gabble!" Gabble is a noun, too, meaning the sound itself: "See? It's all just gabble!" Gabble has a Dutch root, gabbelen, which is imitative — it sounds just like what it means.

Definitions of gabble
  1. verb
    speak (about unimportant matters) rapidly and incessantly
  2. noun
    rapid and indistinct speech
    synonyms: jabber, jabbering
    see moresee less
    type of:
    gibber, gibberish
    unintelligible talking
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