Call something weird when it’s strange, bizarre, or strikes you as odd. Putting peanut butter on pizza is weird. So is most abstract, conceptual performance art.

Our definition of weird is rooted in Germanic mythology, where the “weird sisters” were three funky-looking goddesses that controlled fate and destiny: We dropped the idea of destiny and clung to how weird the weird sisters looked. In today’s slang we even use weird as a verb, as in “to weird someone out” or make them feel uneasy.

Definitions of weird

adj strikingly odd or unusual

“"some weird effect of shadow"- Bram Stoker”
strange, unusual
being definitely out of the ordinary and unexpected; slightly odd or even a bit weird

adj suggesting the operation of supernatural influences

“the three weird sisters”
eldritch, uncanny, unearthly
not existing in nature or subject to explanation according to natural laws; not physical or material

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