Taint means to contaminate. If you don’t want to taint your drinking water, don’t use an old gas can as a water pitcher. Tainting something makes it impure.

To taint something is to spoil or corrupt it, whether it’s water, food, or even a person’s soul. These days, taint gets in the news if a company accidentally taints meat with salmonella bacteria, for example. If you add something poisonous to a substance, you taint it. A silly person might say when you taint something, t’aint right.

Definitions of taint
  1. verb
    place under suspicion or cast doubt upon
    synonyms: cloud, corrupt, defile, sully
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    type of:
    deflower, impair, mar, spoil, vitiate
    make imperfect
  2. verb
    contaminate with a disease or microorganism
    synonyms: infect
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    destroy microorganisms or pathogens by cleansing
    infect (an infected cell) further or infect a cell already containing similar organisms
    affect with smut or mildew, as of a crop such as corn
    type of:
    contaminate, foul, pollute
    make impure
  3. noun
    the state of being contaminated
    synonyms: contamination
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    dust contamination
    state of being contaminated with dust
    type of:
    impureness, impurity
    the condition of being impure
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