Something that is supererogatory goes way beyond what’s required. Washing all the dishes, sweeping the floor, and taking out the trash would be supererogatory if your dad only asked you to put your plate in the dishwasher.

The adjective supererogatory was originally used in a religious context — Roman Catholic theology defined supererogatory acts as those that exceeded God's requirements. The Latin root, supererogatio, means "a payment in addition" — it derives from super ("above”) and erogare ("pay out"). Think of supererogatory actions as going the extra mile, like leaving a hundred dollar tip at a diner or shoveling the whole block instead of just your own sidewalk.

Definitions of supererogatory
  1. adjective
    more than is needed, desired, or required
    “it was supererogatory of her to gloat”
    synonyms: excess, extra, redundant, spare, superfluous, supernumerary, surplus
    unnecessary, unneeded
    not necessary
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