suborned; suborning; suborns

One of the reasons Mafia bosses are so good at avoiding prison is that they know how to suborn witnesses and jurors — that is, to bribe people to lie. After all, it wouldn't be nice if an accident were to happen on the way to court, right?

Technically speaking, suborn doesn't just mean induce someone to conveniently "forget" something in the witness stand, or otherwise get creative with their imagination. An inducement to any kind of crime is suborning, but by far the most common use is in the legal sense above. Or "witness tampering," as the cops call it.

Definitions of suborn
  1. verb
    incite to commit a crime or an evil deed
    “He suborned his butler to cover up the murder of his wife”
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    type of:
    corrupt, debase, debauch, demoralise, demoralize, deprave, misdirect, pervert, profane, subvert, vitiate
    corrupt morally or by intemperance or sensuality
  2. verb
    induce to commit perjury or give false testimony
    “The President tried to suborn false witnesses”
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    type of:
    cause, get, have, induce, make, stimulate
    cause to do; cause to act in a specified manner
  3. verb
    procure (false testimony or perjury)
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    type of:
    procure, secure
    get by special effort
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