A subcontract is a legal agreement to do part of a larger job. A worker or small company usually signs a subcontract with a larger company.

As a verb, subcontract means to hire a person or company to complete part of a job. An example might be a construction company that's been employed to build a house deciding to subcontract all the plumbing and electrical work out. In other words, they are paid for the entire job, and then they pay a plumber and an electrician to do specific parts of the job.

Definitions of subcontract

n a contract assigning to another party some obligations of a prior contract

Type of:
a binding agreement between two or more persons that is enforceable by law

v arrange for work to be done by others

farm out, job
Type of:
employ, engage, hire
engage or hire for work

v work under a subcontract; engage in a subcontract

Type of:
do work, work
be employed

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