Definitions of sawbones

n a physician who specializes in surgery

operating surgeon, surgeon
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William Beaumont
United States surgeon remembered for his studies of digestion (1785-1853)
Alexis Carrel
French surgeon and biologist who developed a way to suture and graft blood vessels (1873-1944)
William Cowper
English surgeon who discovered Cowper's gland (1666-1709)
Michael Ellis De Bakey
United States heart surgeon who in 1966 implanted the first artificial heart in a human patient (born in 1908)
William Crawford Gorgas
United States Army surgeon who suppressed yellow fever in Havana and in the Panama Canal Zone (1854-1920)
Joseph Lister
English surgeon who was the first to use antiseptics (1827-1912)
James Parkinson
English surgeon (1755-1824)
Walter Reed
United States physician who proved that yellow fever is transmitted by mosquitoes (1851-1902)
a surgeon who removes part or all of a limb
cosmetic surgeon, plastic surgeon
a surgeon who beautifies the body (especially the face)
brain surgeon, neurosurgeon
someone who does surgery on the nervous system (especially the brain)
Type of:
Dr., MD, doc, doctor, medico, physician
a licensed medical practitioner

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