Definitions of roughness
  1. noun
    a texture of a surface or edge that is not smooth but is irregular and uneven
    synonyms: raggedness
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    a texture without roughness; smooth to the touch
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    the property of being scaly
    coarseness, nubbiness, tweediness
    looseness or roughness in texture (as of cloth)
    burl, knot, slub
    soft lump or unevenness in a yarn; either an imperfection or created by design
    abrasiveness, harshness, scratchiness
    the roughness of a substance that causes abrasions
    coarseness, graininess, granularity
    the quality of being composed of relatively large particles
    roughness of nap produced by long woolly hairs
    the texture of a surface that has many bumps
    bristliness, prickliness, spininess, thorniness
    the quality of being covered with prickly thorns or spines
    a texture resembling that of sand
    type of:
    the feel of a surface or a fabric
  2. noun
    used of the sea during inclement or stormy weather
    synonyms: choppiness, rough water
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    type of:
    the state of being stormy
  3. noun
    the formation of small pits in a surface as a consequence of corrosion
    synonyms: indentation, pitting
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    type of:
    corroding, corrosion, erosion
    erosion by chemical action
  4. noun
    an unpolished unrefined quality
    synonyms: crudeness
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    type of:
    the quality of lacking refinement and good taste
  5. noun
    the quality of being unpleasant (harsh or rough or grating) to the senses
    synonyms: harshness
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    gruffness, hoarseness, huskiness
    a throaty harshness
    type of:
    the quality of giving displeasure
  6. noun
    harsh or severe speech or behavior
    “men associate the roughness of nonstandard working-class speech with masculinity”
    “the roughness of her voice was a signal to keep quiet”
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    type of:
    action that makes something stronger or more extreme
  7. noun
    rowdy behavior
    synonyms: disorderliness, rowdiness, rowdyism
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    type of:
    a disturbance of the peace or of public order
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