If you have a fear of flying, there might be an intensification of this feeling as you board the plane, and again when you take off. That is, your feelings of fear might increase or "intensify."

An intensification is an increase in strength or magnitude (or intensity). Agricultural intensification is an increase of productivity per acre. The intensification of a conflict, as in a war, usually means an increase in fighting. Gender intensification is an increasing preference by boys for "boy things" and by girls for "girl things."

Definitions of intensification

n action that makes something stronger or more extreme

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harsh or severe speech or behavior
aggravation, exacerbation
action that makes a problem or a disease (or its symptoms) worse
focalisation, focalization, focusing
the act of bringing into focus
focusing again
Type of:
increase, step-up
the act of increasing something

n the act of increasing the contrast of (a photographic film)

Type of:
increase, step-up
the act of increasing something

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