To romanticize is either to put a positive spin on something that wasn’t great or to behave in a romantic way. If you’re sea sick on a cruise and spend the whole time clutching the railing but later say it was the best trip ever, you have romanticized your experience.

To romanticize can mean to act in a way that lends itself to romance, such as by buying flowers or making goo-goo eyes. A more common meaning has less to do with romance, but also involves wearing rose-colored glasses. If you romanticize war, you're making it sound like a glorious, beautiful thing. To romanticize is to interpret things that are not glamorous in a glamorous way.

Definitions of romanticize

v interpret romantically

“Don't romanticize this uninteresting and hard work!”
glamorize, glamourise, romanticise
Type of:
idealise, idealize
consider or render as ideal

v make romantic in style

“The designer romanticized the little black dress”
Type of:
alter, change, modify
cause to change; make different; cause a transformation

v act in a romantic way

Type of:
act, behave, do
behave in a certain manner; show a certain behavior; conduct or comport oneself

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