You can use the noun reading for something you read and also the act of interpreting or understanding it. Your favorite reading might be science fiction — if you're a true fan, you spend hours reading it daily.

There are many closely-related definitions of reading, from a live performance like a poetry reading or a minister's Bible reading, to an individual interpretation of written material, like your feminist reading of classic fairy tales. Meter readers also take readings, or measurements: "The readingshowed that we used much more electricity last month." There are, in addition, several towns in the UK and the US called Reading, but those are usually pronounced redding.

Primary Meanings of reading

written material intended to be read
a datum about some physical state that is presented to a user by a meter or similar instrument
Full Definitions of reading

n written material intended to be read

“the teacher assigned new readings
“he bought some reading material at the airport”
reading material
bumf, bumph
reading materials (documents, written information) that you must read and deal with but that you think are extremely boring
Type of:
black and white, written communication, written language
communication by means of written symbols (either printed or handwritten)

n the cognitive process of understanding a written linguistic message

“his main reading was detective stories”
“suggestions for further reading
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reading at speeds significantly faster than normal
perusal, perusing, poring over, studying
reading carefully with intent to remember
browse, browsing
reading superficially or at random
skim, skimming
reading or glancing through quickly
Type of:
language, linguistic process
the cognitive processes involved in producing and understanding linguistic communication

n a mental representation of the meaning or significance of something

interpretation, version
a new or different meaning
a mystical or allegorical interpretation (especially of Scripture)
Type of:
internal representation, mental representation, representation
a presentation to the mind in the form of an idea or image

n a particular interpretation or performance

“on that reading it was an insult”
“he was famous for his reading of Mozart”
Type of:
an explanation that results from interpreting something

n a public instance of reciting or repeating (from memory) something prepared in advance

recital, recitation
recitation of a speech from memory with studied gestures and intonation as an exercise in elocution or rhetoric
Type of:
oral presentation, public speaking, speaking, speechmaking
delivering an address to a public audience

n a datum about some physical state that is presented to a user by a meter or similar instrument

indication, meter reading
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clock time, time
a reading of a point in time as given by a clock
miles per hour, mph
a speedometer reading for the momentary rate of travel
SCLK, spacecraft clock time
the clock time given by a clock carried on board a spacecraft
prime time
the hours between 7 and 11 p.m. when the largest tv audience is available
hour, time of day
clock time
Type of:
data point, datum
an item of factual information derived from measurement or research

n the act of measuring with meters or similar instruments

meter reading
Type of:
measure, measurement, measuring, mensuration
the act or process of assigning numbers to phenomena according to a rule

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