The word ravage can be used as a noun or a verb meaning destruction or to destroy. In a war, bombs and the attacking army will ravage the country under siege.

When ravage is used as a noun, you usually see it in the plural. Beware of the ravages of drugs on your body and your life. The city has almost been destroyed by the ravages of poverty and disaster. Often you see it paired with the word, time, to describe how things fall apart as they age. The ravages of time may be apparent in the lined faces and hunched postures of your grandparents.

Definitions of ravage
  1. verb
    cause extensive destruction or ruin utterly
    synonyms: desolate, devastate, lay waste to, scourge, waste
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    reduce to ruins
    type of:
    destroy, ruin
    destroy completely; damage irreparably
  2. verb
    make a pillaging or destructive raid on (a place), as in wartime
    synonyms: harry
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    type of:
    destroy, ruin
    destroy completely; damage irreparably
  3. noun
    (usually plural) a destructive action
    “the ravages of time”
    synonyms: depredation
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    type of:
    demolition, destruction, wipeout
    an event (or the result of an event) that completely destroys something
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