Definitions of prophetical
  1. adjective
    foretelling events as if by supernatural intervention
    synonyms: prophetic
    adumbrative, foreshadowing, prefigurative
    indistinctly prophetic
    apocalyptic, apocalyptical, revelatory
    prophetic of devastation or ultimate doom
    clairvoyant, precognitive, second-sighted
    foreseeing the future
    Delphic, oracular
    obscurely prophetic
    divinatory, mantic, sibyllic, sibylline, vatic, vatical
    resembling or characteristic of a prophet or prophecy
    fateful, foreboding, portentous
    ominously prophetic
    precursory, premonitory
    warning of future misfortune
    predictive, prognostic, prognosticative
    of or relating to prediction; having value for making predictions
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    not prophetic; not foreseeing correctly
    not offering prognostications
    having no predictive value
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