Something that's oracular is giving off an oracle-like vibe: mysterious, enigmatic, prophetic and probably a little weird.

Oracular in the simplest terms is an adjective that means "resembling an oracle." Ancient oracles were thought to be mystic people that had some direct connection with the gods, like ancient Greece's famous Oracle at Delphi. There the oracle would sit over an open fissure in the rocks, inhaling strange fumes and speaking in oracular gibberish that had to be "interpreted" by a priest. Sounds like you might have better luck with a palm reader.

Definitions of oracular
  1. adjective
    of or relating to an oracle
  2. adjective
    resembling an oracle in obscurity of thought
    “the oracular sayings of Victorian poets”
    synonyms: enigmatic
    having more than one possible meaning
  3. adjective
    obscurely prophetic
    “an oracular message”
    synonyms: Delphic
    prophetic, prophetical
    foretelling events as if by supernatural intervention
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