If you can predict the future, you may want to keep your clairvoyant powers to yourself. Otherwise everyone will be knocking down your door asking for the next winning lotto numbers.

A clairvoyant individual is believed to possess psychic abilities or a higher level of insight than other humans who can only use the regular old five senses. Through dreams, visions, Ouija boards and crystal balls, they can see what happens in the future. But before 1851, clairvoyant didn't have the same mystical meaning that it does today — it merely meant a “clear-sighted person.”

Definitions of clairvoyant
  1. noun
    someone who has the power of clairvoyance
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    type of:
    a person apparently sensitive to things beyond the natural range of perception
  2. adjective
    perceiving things beyond the natural range of the senses
    synonyms: psychic
    extrasensory, paranormal
    seemingly outside normal sensory channels
  3. adjective
    foreseeing the future
    synonyms: precognitive, second-sighted
    prophetic, prophetical
    foretelling events as if by supernatural intervention
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