poison bush

Definitions of poison bush

n any of various Australian evergreen shrubs of the genus Gastrolobium having whorled compound leaves poisonous to livestock and showy yellow to deep reddish-orange flowers followed by two-seeded pods

gastrolobium, poison pea
Type of:
bush, shrub
a low woody perennial plant usually having several major stems

n either of two Australian plants of the genus Swainsona that are poisonous to sheep

darling pea
Swainsona galegifolia, smooth darling pea
erect or trailing perennial of eastern Australia having axillary racemes of blue to purple or red flowers
Swainsona grandiflora, Swainsona greyana, hairy darling pea
shrubby perennial of southern Australia having downy or woolly stems and undersides of leaves and racemes of red to pink flowers
Type of:
subshrub, suffrutex
low-growing woody shrub or perennial with woody base

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