A peer is someone at your own level. If you are a 10th grader, other high school students are your peers.

Peer comes from the Latin par which means equal. When you are on par with someone, you are their peer. If kids your age are pressuring you to do something you don't want to do, that's peer pressure. In the sport of basketball, Michael Jordan was without peer, no one could equal his talent. When he switched to baseball, he found himself to be among peers again.

Definitions of peer
  1. verb
    look searchingly
    “We peered into the back of the shop to see whether a salesman was around”
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    type of:
    perceive with attention; direct one's gaze towards
  2. noun
    a person who is of equal standing with another in a group
    synonyms: compeer, equal, match
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    a person who joins with others in some activity or endeavor
    coeval, contemporary
    a person of nearly the same age as another
    (Black English) a member of a youth gang
    backup, backup man, fill-in, relief, reliever, stand-in, substitute
    someone who takes the place of another (as when things get dangerous or difficult)
    replacement, successor
    a person who follows next in order
    a person from the same town as yourself
    a person who is an assistant or subordinate to another
    a subordinate or subsidiary associate; a person who is affiliated with another or with an organization
    ally, friend
    an associate who provides cooperation or assistance
    a temporary associate
    collaborator, cooperator, pardner, partner
    an associate in an activity or endeavor or sphere of common interest
    colleague, confrere, fellow
    a person who is member of one's class or profession
    co-worker, colleague, fellow worker, workfellow
    an associate that one works with
    locum, locum tenens
    someone (physician or clergyman) who substitutes temporarily for another member of the same profession
    fellow member, member
    one of the persons who compose a social group (especially individuals who have joined and participate in a group organization)
    someone who takes part in an activity
    an associate on the same ship with you
    double, stunt man, stunt woman
    a stand-in for movie stars to perform dangerous stunts
    alternate, replacement, surrogate
    someone who takes the place of another person
    mate, teammate
    a fellow member of a team
    type of:
    individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul
    a human being
  3. noun
    a nobleman (duke or marquis or earl or viscount or baron) who is a member of the British peerage
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    First Marquess Cornwallis
    commander of the British forces in the American War of Independence; was defeated by American and French troops at Yorktown (1738-1805)
    Nancy Witcher Astor
    British politician (born in the United States) who was the first woman to sit in the British House of Commons (1879-1964)
    Duke of Lancaster
    the fourth son of Edward III who was the effective ruler of England during the close of his father's reign and during the minority of Richard II; his son was Henry Bolingbroke (1340-1399)
    Earl of Leicester
    an English nobleman who led the baronial rebellion against Henry III (1208-1265)
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    a British peer of the lowest rank
    a British peer of the highest rank
    a British peer ranking below a marquess and above a viscount
    Earl Marshal
    an officer of the English peerage who organizes royal processions and other ceremonies
    life peer
    a British peer whose title lapses at death
    a British peer ranking below a duke and above an earl
    peer of the realm
    a peer who is entitled to sit in the House of Lords
    a British peer who ranks below an earl and above a baron
    a noblewoman holding the rank of viscount in her own right
    type of:
    Lord, noble, nobleman
    a titled peer of the realm
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