1. unencumbered free of anything that impedes or is burdensome
  2. noncommercial not connected with or engaged in commercial enterprises
  3. uncommercial not conducive to commercial success
  4. on-line database a database that can be accessed by computers
  5. uncommercialised not having been commercialized
  6. uncommercialized not having been commercialized
  7. incommensurable impossible to measure or compare in value or size or excellence
  8. Alzheimer's disease a progressive form of presenile dementia that is similar to senile dementia except that it usually starts in the 40s or 50s; first symptoms are impaired memory which is followed by impaired thought and speech and finally complete helplessness
  9. incommodious uncomfortably or inconveniently small
  10. telecommerce the use of the telephone as an interactive medium for promotion and sales
  11. encumbered loaded to excess or impeded by a heavy load
  12. all-encompassing broad in scope or content
  13. uncoerced not brought about by coercion or force
  14. Iles Comores three main islands and numerous islets in the Indian Ocean between Mozambique and Madagascar
  15. unicameral script a script with a single case
  16. line of merchandise a particular kind of product or merchandise
  17. linolenic acid a liquid polyunsaturated fatty acid that occurs in some plant oils; an essential fatty acid
  18. Solanum commersonii South American potato vine
  19. nonlinguistic not consisting of or related to language
  20. commercialize make commercial

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