When you're unencumbered, you're free of baggage: either you literally don't have a lot of stuff to carry, or you're emotionally care-free.

This word has two closely related uses. A person is unencumbered when they're traveling light — they're not struggling to carry 5 suitcases. But if you have no worries or responsibilities, you're also unencumbered — nothing is weighing on your mind. In both senses being unencumbered means you feel light: either literally or emotionally.

Definitions of unencumbered

adj free of encumbrance

“inherited an unencumbered estate”
burdenless, unburdened
not encumbered with a physical burden or load
clear, unmortgaged
(especially of a title) free from any encumbrance or limitation that presents a question of fact or law
loaded to excess or impeded by a heavy load
burdened, heavy-laden, loaded down
bearing a physically heavy weight or load
loaded with something that hinders motion
involved, mired
entangled or hindered as if e.g. in mire
burdened with legal or financial obligations
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adj not burdened with cares or responsibilities

“living an unencumbered life”
not burdened with difficulties or responsibilities

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