Incommodious is an adjective that describes something that is uncomfortable or inconvenient, especially by being awkwardly small. If you had visions of a roomy office coming with your new promotion, guess again. The new incommodious space barely has room for a desk and a chair!

Incommodious is made up of the Latin root words in, meaning "not," and commodious from commodiosus, meaning "useful or convenient." Because commodious in English has a meaning of roomy and spacious, incommodious sometimes takes the opposite meaning of small and cramped. However, incommodious can refer to anything that is inconvenient. You may have to make an incommodious trip to the dentist if you break a tooth.

Definitions of incommodious
  1. adjective
    uncomfortably or inconveniently small
    incommodious hotel accommodations”
    constricted in size
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    commodious, convenient
    large and roomy (`convenient' is archaic in this sense)
    roomy, spacious
    (of buildings and rooms) having ample space
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