Definitions of merchandiser
  1. noun
    a businessperson engaged in retail trade
    synonyms: merchant
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    Charles Henry Harrod
    English merchant who took over a shop in London that was expanded by his son into a prestigious department store (1800-1885)
    Charles Digby Harrod
    English merchant who expanded his father's shop in London into a prestigious department store (1841-1905)
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    someone who bakes commercially
    book seller, bookdealer
    a dealer in books; a merchant who sells books
    butcher, meatman
    a retailer of meat
    clothier, haberdasher
    a merchant who sells men's clothing
    grain merchant
    a merchant who deals in food grains
    a retail merchant who sells foodstuffs (and some household supplies)
    hatmaker, hatter, milliner, modiste
    someone who makes and sells hats
    jeweler, jeweller
    someone in the business of selling jewelry
    poulterer, poultryman
    a dealer in poultry and poultry products
    retail merchant, retailer
    a merchant who sells goods at retail
    rug merchant
    a merchant who sells rugs
    salt merchant, salter
    someone who makes or deals in salt
    schlockmeister, shlockmeister
    (slang) a merchant who deals in shoddy or inferior merchandise
    marketer, seller, trafficker, vender, vendor
    someone who promotes or exchanges goods or services for money
    market keeper, shopkeeper, storekeeper, tradesman
    a merchant who owns or manages a shop
    stationer, stationery seller
    a merchant who sells writing materials and office supplies
    bargainer, dealer, monger, trader
    someone who purchases and maintains an inventory of goods to be sold
    merchant-venturer, venturer
    a merchant who undertakes a trading venture (especially a venture that sends goods overseas)
    vintner, wine merchant
    someone who sells wine
    booking clerk, ticket agent
    someone who sells tickets (e.g., theater seats or travel accommodations)
    art dealer
    a dealer in works of art requiring esthetic evaluation
    a trader who exchanges goods and not money
    bibliopole, bibliopolist
    a dealer in secondhand books (especially rare or curious books)
    a retail dealer in provisions and supplies
    someone who sells cheese
    cleaner, dry cleaner
    the operator of dry-cleaning establishment
    someone who sells or applies cosmetics
    barrow-boy, barrow-man, costermonger
    a hawker of fruit and vegetables from a barrow
    a dealer in cutlery
    a dealer in fabrics and sewing materials (and sometimes in clothing and drygoods)
    a dealer in stolen property
    fishmonger, fishwife
    someone who sells fish
    someone who grows and deals in flowers
    flower girl
    a woman who sells flowers in the street
    a person who sells fruit
    a grocer who sells fresh fruits and vegetables
    horse trader
    a hard bargainer
    a tradesman who sells hosiery and (in England) knitwear
    cheap-jack, huckster
    a seller of shoddy goods
    hardwareman, ironmonger
    someone who sells hardware
    someone to whom a license is granted
    a dealer in textiles (especially silks)
    newsagent, newsdealer, newsstand operator, newsvendor
    someone who sells newspapers
    hawker, packman, peddler, pedlar, pitchman
    someone who travels about selling his wares (as on the streets or at carnivals)
    pork butcher
    a vendor of pork and products made from pork
    seedman, seedsman
    a dealer in seeds
    selling agent
    someone who sells goods (on commission) for others
    slop-seller, slopseller
    a dealer in cheap ready-made clothing
    stamp dealer
    a dealer in stamps (whose customers are stamp collectors)
    stock trader
    someone who buys and sells stock shares
    a retail dealer in tobacco and tobacco-related articles
    a seller of illicit goods
    a seller that sells at a lower price than others do
    type of:
    bourgeois, businessperson
    a capitalist who engages in industrial commercial enterprise
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