To masticate is to chew your food or to bite and grind stuff with your teeth.

While humans use their teeth, primarily molars, to masticate their food, some animals have evolved other ways to do this. Some masticate by crushing food between hard plates on the top and bottom of their mouths, and others masticate by using a spiny tongue to break down their food.

Definitions of masticate

v grind and knead

masticate rubber”
Type of:
knead, work
make uniform

v chew (food); to bite and grind with the teeth

“The cows were masticating the grass”
chew, jaw, manducate
show 6 types...
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champ, chomp
chew noisily
chafe at the bit, like horses
gum, mumble
grind with the gums; chew without teeth and with great difficulty
chew without swallowing
crunch, munch
chew noisily
bite or chew on with the teeth
Type of:
grate, grind
make a grating or grinding sound by rubbing together

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