The soft stuff inside of a bone is called marrow. Many people cook with marrow from beef bones and consider it a delicacy.

Dogs love to gnaw on bones, trying to get at the marrow inside, and many soups and other recipes call for marrow, which is tender and fatty. Human beings, of course, have marrow inside their bones as well, and certain diseases can be treated by marrow transplants. From this biological kind of marrow comes a figurative meaning of marrow — the essence of something. You might say, "This sentence represents the marrow of the novel."

Definitions of marrow
  1. noun
    the fatty network of connective tissue that fills the cavities of bones
    synonyms: bone marrow
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    red bone marrow, red marrow
    bone marrow of children and some adult bones that is required for the formation of red blood cells
    yellow bone marrow, yellow marrow
    bone marrow that is yellow with fat; found at the ends of long bones in adults
    type of:
    connective tissue
    tissue of mesodermal origin consisting of e.g. collagen fibroblasts and fatty cells; supports organs and fills spaces between them and forms tendons and ligaments
  2. noun
    very tender and very nutritious tissue from marrowbones
    synonyms: bone marrow
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    type of:
    dainty, delicacy, goody, kickshaw, treat
    something considered choice to eat
  3. noun
    the choicest or most essential or most vital part of some idea or experience
    synonyms: center, centre, core, essence, gist, heart, heart and soul, inwardness, kernel, meat, nitty-gritty, nub, pith, substance, sum
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    bare bones
    (plural) the most basic facts or elements
    (metaphysics) essential nature or underlying reality
    haecceity, quiddity
    the essence that makes something the kind of thing it is and makes it different from any other
    distillation, quintessence
    the purest and most concentrated essence of something
    a critically important or characteristic component
    type of:
    cognitive content, content, mental object
    the sum or range of what has been perceived, discovered, or learned
  4. noun
    any of various squash plants grown for their elongated fruit with smooth dark green skin and whitish flesh
    synonyms: marrow squash, vegetable marrow
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    courgette, zucchini
    marrow squash plant whose fruit are eaten when small
    Italian vegetable marrow, cocozelle
    squash plant having dark green fruit with skin mottled with light green or yellow
    type of:
    Cucurbita pepo melopepo, summer squash, summer squash vine
    any of various usually bushy plants producing fruit that is eaten while immature and before the rind or seeds harden
  5. noun
    large elongated squash with creamy to deep green skins
    synonyms: vegetable marrow
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    type of:
    summer squash
    any of various fruits of the gourd family that mature during the summer; eaten while immature and before seeds and rind harden
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