When something is limitless, there's an unending amount or supply of it. If you truly believe there are limitless possibilities in life, you see no limit to what people can achieve.

If the investor funding your business idea says she has limitless financial resources, that means the money will never run out. And if your friend promises limitless supplies of ice cream at her party, she's confident she won't run out. The ocean appears limitless — boundless in size — when you gaze at the horizon, and you may feel limitless amounts of love for the special people in your life. Limitless things have no limit, a word based in the Latin limitem, "boundary."

Definitions of limitless
  1. adjective
    without limits in extent or size or quantity
    limitless vastness of our solar system”
    synonyms: illimitable, measureless
    immeasurable, immensurable, unmeasurable, unmeasured
    impossible to measure
  2. adjective
    seemingly boundless in amount, number, degree, or especially extent
    “a limitless supply of money”
    synonyms: boundless, unbounded
    having no limits or boundaries in time or space or extent or magnitude
  3. adjective
    having no limits in range or scope
    “the limitless reaches of outer space”
    synonyms: unlimited
    having no apparent limits or bounds
    resembling the ocean in apparent limitlessness in extent or degree
    untrammeled, untrammelled
    not confined or limited
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    small in range or scope
    minor, modest, pocket-size, pocket-sized, small, small-scale
    limited in size or scope
    limited in size or scope
    not wide
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