Things that have something to do with the ocean are oceanic. Oceanic water comes from the sea, and oceanic study focuses on creatures that live in the ocean and other ocean-related topics.

An oceanic vessel is a fancy way of referring to a ship that sails on the sea, and oceanic tides are the constantly rising and falling levels of ocean water. You can also use this adjective to mean, "as enormous as the ocean," like an oceanic success or an oceanic pile of work to do before the end of the day. Oceanic comes from the Greek okeanos, which in ancient Greece referred to an imagined "endless river surrounding the land."

Definitions of oceanic

adj relating to or occurring or living in or frequenting the open ocean

oceanic islands like Bermuda”
oceanic currents”
oceanic birds”

adj constituting or living in the open sea

oceanic waters”
oceanic life”
relating to or characteristic of or occurring on or in the sea

adj resembling the ocean in apparent limitlessness in extent or degree

“the oceanic violence of his rage”
limitless, unlimited
having no limits in range or scope

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