Something that's untrammeled is completely free and unrestricted. If you live a truly untrammeled life, you feel free to follow your dreams.

As opposed to a lion in a zoo, a wild animal is untrammeled, or free to roam. You could also describe a dictator's power as untrammeled, in a much less positive sense — he is free to make any laws he wants, and to treat his subjects however he chooses. Untrammeled comes from trammel, or "restriction," which also refers to a particular kind of fishing net. The root is Late Latin, tremaculum, "net made of three layers."

Definitions of untrammeled
  1. adjective
    not confined or limited
    “"the gift of a fresh eye and an untrammeled curiosity"- Russell Lord”
    “"the untrammeled rush that the snows had shown in the first spring sun"- Farley Mowat”
    synonyms: untrammelled
    limitless, unlimited
    having no limits in range or scope
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